I am sure anyone who is planning to take or has taken a driving test has, experienced Driving Test Nerves. This is of course natural, on your driving test you are going to have some unknown person sitting next to you evaluating your driving.

Preparing pupils for their test, I do conduct mock driving tests, and try to make them as real as possible even taking the pupil into the driving test centre. You would be surprised how many older experienced drivers just crack under driving test pressure, never mind a young learner driver!

Learning to Drive is not cheap so can you really afford over £100 failing your driving test just because of Test Day Nerves ? Silly question, of course you can’t, so how do you combat those driving test nerves or any test nerves really.

There are some good hints on the web about passing your driving test, however, if you really want to get rid of test day nerves and pass your driving test this really works. So what is it well it’s called Thought Field Therapy.

I am a driving instructor in Stoke on Trent, and am lucky enough to have met up with Diane Hall another local driving instructor and author of L of a Way 2 Pass. Diane is qualified in Thought Field Therapy and I attended one of her courses. Wow! Does this stuff work…..totally.

So what is this Thought Field Therapy, well it’s a totally natural, drug-free, non-invasive technique which utilises acupressure points. Which, you activate by tapping on them with the tips of your fingers. This technique eliminates a wide variety of issues which include trauma, stress, nerves, and phobias. They are currently using it to help troops from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

If you are suffering from test day nerves and have failed your driving test I strongly recommend you contact us or Diane Hall www.lofaway2pass.com.

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I CAN’T THANK MAX ENOUGH. After a terrible experience with a previous driving instructor, Max got me back on track and back on the road. He really knows his stuff, very professional, I would recommend Max every time. I passed my test today with high marks. thanks Max.

Caine Bloore

Fantastic teacher and incredibly calm and patient. Great rates and access to lots of great material to help you prepare for tests. Thanks again, Max. I couldn’t be more pleased!

James Barratt